Book and confirm Locum Tenens assignments instantly and get paid faster!

The TempMD online platform allows you to find Locum Tenens work and manage your bookings and payments without an agency or any middlemen. Find work faster and get paid faster. Enjoy full transparency so you know who is offering the Locum Tenens assignment before you apply. Say goodbye to recruiters presenting your CV without your knowledge to various facilities.

Stay in control

  • Once you create an account, input your availability schedule so clients can contact you and you can contact them.
  • Update your schedule and review the open assignments regularly so you do not miss out. Every assignment lists a pay rate so you know what is offered and you do not waste time with a staffing company convincing you to take less money.
  • Set up alerts so you are informed when an assignment meeting your criteria is added.
  • Once you apply to an assignment, the client will be notified and respond directly to you. Once an assignment is confirmed, you are all set to begin your assignment on the scheduled day and time.
  • After the assignment is over, you can rate the client and the client can rate you. Rack up favorable ratings and other clients will take note and want you.

More Money for Healthcare Providers

Because TempMD is an online platform, we charge our Clients substantially less, so they can pay Providers more. Providers determine their own pay rates when applying to jobs. Additionally, Providers get rated by Clients and can turn high ratings into higher pay.

Other Benefits

We are not a recruiting agency - the website helps providers get work directly with clients anywhere in the US. This structure provides extra benefits for providers and clients. Simply sign up and complete a profile with valid documentation to get started.

Variety of jobs

TempMD offers a wide variety of assignments to meet virtually every Provider’s demands. If you do not see what you are looking for, come back to TempMD in a few days or set up an alert so you are notified when an opportunity meeting your criteria is posted.

Member benefits

TempMD provides the benefits of higher pay, more control over where and when you work, and direct deposit pay in three business days. TempMD also offers an alert function so providers can be notified of opportunities that fit their criteria.


Establish yourself as an outstanding TempMD Provider by collecting positive feedback and comments from the Clients with whom you have worked. A highly rated Provider is always more desirable to the next Client. Let Clients know how good you are through your ratings.

No paperwork

With TempMD there is no paperwork – From creating an account to getting paid – Everything is done online. If you need or want help completing or opening an account, contact us by clicking here or by calling us at 800-715-5628.

Ratings Ratings Ratings

  • As you work as a Provider, ask Clients for feedback.
  • Let other Clients on TempMD know how good you are.
  • Make sure Clients know your rating when you apply to their job.
  • Providers can rate Clients as well. Let other Providers know what to expect.
  • You help other Providers.. Other Providers help you.