Our Online Platform Helps You Manage Your Locum Tenens Providers

The TempMD online platform allows you to identify quality providers and confirm bookings for your staffing needs quickly and easily and at a much lower cost. We have substituted technology for the high cost of a traditional middleman staffing agency. All TempMD fees are disclosed to the Client prior to the booking confirmation so there are no surprises. TempMD allows you to pay the providers a bit more and still enjoy substantial savings. This helps you attract the best providers and keep them happy.

Transparent Pricing

I need an ER Doctor in New York for One Week
Doctor's Fee ($180/hr)
Malpractice Insurance
TempMD Fee (higher of $10/hr or 10%)

Total: $8,250

Traditional Brokers
Doctor's Fee (~$180/hr)
Not Disclosed
Malpractice Insurance
Not Disclosed
Broker's Fee (~40%)
Not Disclosed

Total: $12,400


What's the total cost?

There is more to placement than just the provider's fee. The example above is just that, an example. To see the true cost over the provider's fee, use the this tool. It covers the malpractice insurance and booking fee.

Select a profession/specialty combination to see the total fee.

Who's on the site?

TempMD providers can be searched by title, specialty, state licenses, zip code, or distance from a location. Providers post their CV so you can review their history as much as you desire and you can communicate with the providers prior to confirming the assignment to make sure the fit is right.

Don’t Be Concerned that the TempMD database is too sparse to meet your needs. Our database is comprised of opt-in providers that have expressed an interest in working Locum Tenens and want to be considered for open needs. Our database of providers grows daily!

Lookup for yourself

Choose a specialty and a state to see how many candidates there are to choose from. With a large enough pool of candidates, there are always people looking.

Make a selection above to view the number of candidates available in your area of need and location.

Reduce costs significantly

TempMD is an online matching and scheduling platform that performs all of the services of a traditional staffing company. TempMD's technological efficiencies through the online platform allows us to pass on substantial savings to you. You choose how much you want to pay the providers and our no hassle system tells you immediately the full cost per hour. We add a flat fee of the greater of $10/hour or 10% of the provider hourly pay rate plus an hourly medical malpractice/professional liability insurance rate. TempMD does not replace the traditional staffing company. However, TempMD should be your first option if you want to lower your Locum Tenens costs.

*typical rate/hr charged by agencies for a primary care physician is 40% more than TempMD's rate

Last minute locums

TempMD can notify Providers in its database immediately of a need. So even if your need arises suddenly or is a just one day need, TempMD can help you fill it. Many traditional staffing agencies do not want to be bothered on assignments of less than 5 days let alone an urgent need for less than 5 days. TempMD is always there for you.

Why TempMD

The Locum Tenens industry is rapidly growing for a variety of reasons and the costs to the clients or facilities that need coverage continues to rise. The rates that traditional staffing companies charge continue to increase at a much higher rate than provider pay increases. This state of affairs creates some level of inherent friction to occur between both: (i) clients and staffing companies; and (ii) providers and staffing companies, because the perception is that staffing companies are taking too much from both the client and the provider. TempMD reduces this friction level as providers and clients know exactly what everyone is making and paying and since TempMD is openly taking less, this allows providers to make more and clients to still pay much less than prevailing Locum Tenens rates.

Cost savings is not the only reason to use TempMD. In a traditional staffing arrangement, a staffing company has an incentive to present the first "qualified" provider candidate to the client as the Locum Tenens industry is based on a race to present as the first to present wins. This model does not encourage a staffing company to take the time to look for the best provider fit. By using TempMD, a client can peruse the database and seek out the candidates that best fit the open position or need. If TempMD cannot fill your need (and we know we cannot fill every need) by all means put that need out to your usual group of 3-5 staffing companies and let them hunt down your provider. TempMD knows that clients don’t post needs unless they have a real need. By trying TempMD's services at least, the client will know that it tried to fill the need at a lower cost first.

Happier Providers

Provider time sheets can be prepared, approved and submitted online through the TempMD platform. Once a time sheet is approved, Providers electing direct deposit can be paid in 3 business days or less. This makes for a happier provider.

Quality Providers

TempMD providers are screened in the same manner traditional Locum Tenens staffing agencies screen providers. Plus TempMD clients can provide ratings grades for staffed providers so clients may have actual feedback on a provider. This system creates a sense of community among TempMD clients. Providers can rate clients as well so this community works both ways.

Speedy service

TempMD’s technology allows clients to pursue their Locum Tenens needs 24/7 so decisions can be made on the schedule of the client and provider, not that of a recruiter. All bookings and confirmations can be made online.

Customer service

The required documentation is generated online and if you have any questions simply contact us. TempMD’s certificate of insurance is generated and will be sent to the provider and client prior to the commencement of the assignment.

Pay what you want

Clients decide the provider pay rate. This allows TempMD clients to know the full cost of a Locum Tenens provider at the time the need is posted. If adjustments are made, they are made by the client. Clients only pay for the providers that you use. You are completely in control of how much you spend.

Keep organized

Your personal dashboard gives you access to all of your bookings, so you can keep track of all your assignments. The TempMD technology platform strives to make every aspect of the Locum Tenens staffing process as simple and easy as possible. If you have any comments on what we can do better, please contact us. We appreciate all comments and suggestions.