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Welcome to TempMD, the next generation in Locum Tenens staffing. Everyone says they are different, but TempMD really is different and it is easy to see how. TempMD provides all of the benefits of a typical Locum Tenens staffing company and "MORE", but we have cut out the staffing personnel and replaced them with cutting edge technology that allows us to staff faster and with no hassle.

So what’s the "MORE" we teased you with? MORE money to the provider and MORE cost savings to clients through lower billing rates. Our cutting edge technology allows providers and clients to list their schedules and needs so a staffing match can be confirmed online. For each open need posted on TempMD, the provider pay rate is clearly displayed. The client sets its own pay rates and TempMD adds a $10 per hour booking fee plus a per hour professional liability insurance rate depending upon the specialty. The booking fee is 10% of the provider hourly pay rate for pay rates in excess of $100 per hour.

Typical Locum Tenens staffing firms mark up the provider rate anywhere from 25%-100%. This mark-up can add anywhere from $25-$100/ per hour to an assignment. Accordingly, the typical Locum Tenens model provides an incentive for the Locum Tenens firm to pay the provider as little as possible and charge the client as much as possible. As a result, the typical Locum Tenens firm has an incentive to present lower quality providers that are willing to work for lower rates so profits are maximized. Even if the Locum Tenens firm presents a higher priced highly-qualified provider this merely causes more mark-up to the client.

TempMD’s model allows a client to pay each provider more than a Locum Tenens firm can offer and still save substantial amounts compared to the rates a client pays a typical Locum Tenens firm. This is true even after TempMD’s booking fee and liability insurance add-on. So clients can attract the highest quality providers by offering a higher pay rate.

OK. So we have covered the money part of the equation, but you say earning more as a provider or paying less as a client is not enough? Here’s "MORE" – TempMD’s technology allows all time sheets to be submitted and approved by the client electronically and as soon as that approval is executed, the provider receives his/her pay in three business days via direct deposit. No complicated pay schedules.

Well that’s great news for the provider, but what about MORE for the client? How’s this – if your provider is a star and you want to make the provider a permanent hire, then go ahead for the low permanent placement fee of $7,500.00 for an M.D. or D.O. and $5,000.00 for an advanced practice provider.

TempMD knows that no system is perfect and although we try, we simply can’t think of everything. Accordingly, we know that questions are going to arise. No need to fret, our client and provider service center is available by phone or online to assist you in any way we can and to answer any questions.

MESSAGE TO CLIENT - So does TempMD replace the traditional staffing company? Well not yet. The truth is that no staffing company fills all of its open needs and TempMD is no different. But give TempMD a try. Use TempMD as your initial search to fill a need because TempMD provides quality providers and the savings are substantial. If TempMD can’t fill that opening fast enough for you, you can always send the need to your usual suspects (we mean other Locum Tenens firms).

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